Gingko Smart Galaxy Light and BlissLights Projector

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Smart Galaxy Lamp

The Gingko Smart Galaxy Lamp is an upgraded version of the levitating moon lamp from Gingko. This colorful version of the Moon Lamp is made of PLA filament and features a textured surface to add a colorful allure. It hovers above a wooden base via magnetic levitation.

BlissLights projector

The BlissLights projector is a simple and affordable way to add a unique light effect to your room. With its cloud-like movements, the projected light can help you relax while reading or watching movies. Another benefit of the BlissLights projector over other similar models is its Bluetooth speaker, which allows you to listen to soothing music directly from your smartphone. This device also has a one-hour timer, which is useful if you want to turn it off during the night.

Designed to be a flexible solution for different types of rooms, the BlissLights projector turns your room into a dreamy galaxy. With the help of its blue nebula cloud, it will project stars-like lights in a beautiful galaxy onto your wall. Its easy-to-use button controls will help you adjust brightness levels, start/stop star motion, and other settings. Whether you want to create a romantic atmosphere or want to impress friends with your creativity, the BlissLights Sky Lite projector will help you create a special experience.

Gingko’s levitating moon lamp

Gingko’s levitating Moon Lamp combines modern technology with classic design. It features multiple brightness levels and a rechargeable battery. It is available in four different sizes. It is also available in magnetic levitation version. A powerful magnet rotates the moon shaped globe to give it a levitating effect.

The moon lamp comes with a stylish wooden stand and rechargeable battery for a long battery life. Its two light modes are warm and cool white, and it can be dimmed. A USB charging cable is included. The lamp also has a textured 3D surface that allows you to touch its famous features.

The moon lamp comes in different sizes and designs. It can be purchased online. Make sure the store you buy it from sells genuine products. It is made using durable PLA material and can last for many hours. Its shape and design allows it to be easily moved around the house. Some moon lamps even have remote controls. The glow it gives off is soothing and relaxing and the texture on the surface is highly realistic.

While floating moon lamps are a fad on Tik Tok, stationary versions are more affordable. They are a great home decor accessory and can bring good vibes to your house. The price of these products varies depending on the features they come with.

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