How to Get More Stardust in Pokemon Go

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If you’re looking for a way to earn more Stardust in Pokemon Go, there are a few options you can try. First, you can use bots and multiple trainer accounts to multiply your Stardust. Alternatively, you can also create secondary accounts and trade Stardust with them. This will help you reach ultra-level fast and earn more candy.

Weather boosted Pokemon drop an additional 25 Stardust per catch

Pokemon GO responds to real-world weather conditions, giving some Pokemon more Stardust when caught and appearing more frequently in your area. The current weather condition is shown visually on your Map View. You can tap on the weather indicator in the bottom-right corner of the screen to see which Pokemon are weather boosted and where you can find them.

Weather boosted Pokemon are more likely to drop more Stardust when caught, and they may offer extra stardust at specific stages of their evolution. For example, if you catch a Weather Boosted Charizard, you’ll get an extra 125 Stardust per catch. This can really add up to a lot of extra Stardust.

Weather boosted Pokemon are generally higher level than non-boosted Pokemon, and they also score more Candy XL. Catching these Pokemon in the right weather will make the most of your time playing Pokemon GO. However, you can’t control the weather. If the weather is bad, you can’t catch Pokemon.

If you catch a Pokemon with the current weather effect, you’ll receive a bonus Stardust when you walk 10km. However, this may be counterproductive, since it’s likely to take you longer than in a busy area. Catching four of these Pokemon will give you the same amount of Stardust as catching five of them.

PVP is the fastest way to earn Stardust

There are several ways to earn Stardust in Pokemon Go. The first is to feed Pokemon that guard a gym. By doing this, you will earn a fair amount of Stardust, although you should be aware that you can only feed a Pokemon every 30 minutes. Another method is to win PVP battles. You can earn a good amount of Stardust in PVP battles, but be aware that your rewards will be random.

PVP is also the fastest way to earn Stardust in the game. However, be aware that PVP is a more competitive method, so don’t try this method if you’re not very good at it. Even though it’s faster, it will cost you stardust and is not suitable for beginners.

You can also earn Stardust by opening gifts. Opening gifts will give you some Stardust, but it requires time. It’s also possible to skip the Gift opening animation to maximize your earning potential. Moreover, you can participate in Battle League events to earn Stardust. Although casual players can appreciate the benefits of getting Stardust through PVP, hardcore trainers can take advantage of this method to earn exponentially more Stardust.

To earn Stardust faster, you need to learn a few different ways to use Pokemon in PVP. First of all, make sure that you know how to use different moves and how to properly attack your opponent. Secondly, learn how to use your Pokemon’s Charged Attack. By doing this, you can get the competitive edge and protect your Pokemon’s weakness. Another way to get Stardust fast is by trading. If you are good at trading Pokemon, it will cost you less Stardust.

Another way to earn Stardust in PVP is to slay other Pokemon. You can get a lot of Stardust from winning matches. Just remember that the more PVP you win, the higher the amount of Stardust you’ll earn.

Once you have enough Stardust, you can upgrade your Pokemon to level 100. You can also buy another move with 10,000 stardust. There’s no need to spend tons of money on powerful Pokemon, though. There are plenty of powerful ones in the Silph Arena Cups and in the open great league. Buying powerful Pokemon is not expensive either, as they usually cost less than ten thousand stardust.

Gyms are a good source of Stardust

In Pokemon Go, you can get a lot of Stardust by completing special research quests. These quests are often themed and tie in with catching Mythical Pokemon or seasonal storylines. They are also divided up into multiple smaller tasks, and they will typically reward a higher amount of Stardust than catching Pokemon.

Players can also collect Stardust by feeding berries to Pokemon guarding gyms. This will give them some berries and an extra Stardust, but it can be difficult to get a lot of berries in crowded cities. Fortunately, players can repeat this process as many times as they like and increase their stardust earnings.

Stardust is an important resource in Pokemon Go. To level up your Pokemon, you will need around 270,000 Stardust. This means that you would need to catch a total of 2700 Pokemon in order to accumulate that much. The more Stardust you have, the more likely you will be to be able to use them in raids. In addition, the higher the IVs, the better, since this will give you an advantage in a Raid.

If you’re looking for a good source of stardust, you should look for a gym that has a high turnover rate. These gyms will give you more stardust than others, but they’ll also have fewer raids. In fact, if you can control a gym for 21 days, you’ll have enough stardust to power up one pokemon from level 20 to 30.

Purification is the next way to use your Stardust

In Pokemon GO, you can use your Stardust to purify Shadow Pokemon. Purifying these Pokemon can cost a lot of Stardust. Some Shadow Pokemon cost 1,000 Stardust to purify, while others cost up to 20,000 Stardust. Purifying a Shadow Pokemon will increase its IV by 20% and make it stronger than a Mega Pokemon. This ability is managed in the Pokemon’s individual page.

The next way to use your Stardust in Pok√©mon is to learn and use the new Shadow Pokemon. You can learn new attacks with these Pokemon if you have a certain amount of Stardust. You can also use your Stardust to purify your own Shadow Pokemon. This process can take anywhere from one to five minutes, depending on the Pokemon’s evolution.

Purification will reduce the number of candies you need to power up your Pokemon and save you a lot of Stardust in the process. It will also give your Pokemon +2 stats, which is a significant benefit. The next time you level up, you can purify your Pokemon and start a new adventure!

The Shadow Pokemon are a new addition to Pokemon GO. The first way to obtain them is to defeat Team Rocket and get them from a Team Rocket Grunt. After you defeat Team Rocket, you can feed them Candy and Stardust, which gives them a two-point IV boost.

You can also purify your Pokemon to give them a more powerful move. Shadow Pokemon can be purified with Stardust and Candy. Purifying them gives them a boost in Attack, Defense, and HP. They will also learn Charged Attack Return, which deals 130 damage during Trainer battles. If you don’t want to learn this move, you can also use a Charged TM instead.

After you capture a Shadow Pokemon, you can use the Stardust from Purification to get stat bonuses and boost their level. Purified Pokemon have a blue star next to their icons.

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