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One of the latest additions to QuickBooks is multi monitor support. This feature makes it easier to view multiple windows on different monitors, making tallying transactions easier. Users will also benefit from new keyboard shortcuts that can improve their productivity. These shortcuts include CTRL + ALT + Y and CTRL + ALT + V.

Google Sheets integration

If you are one of the many people who manage their company’s finances using QuickBooks, you may be interested in the new integration for Google Sheets. It makes it easy to pull data from QuickBooks and export it to Google Sheets. The integration also allows you to customize the look of reports and connect it to visualization tools.

The new integration is particularly useful for small to medium-sized companies. It works across industries, including eCommerce, finance, IT, and transportation. You can view and edit your data in Google Sheets while offline, too! You can also set up security and restrict access to specific users. With this feature, you’ll have greater control over who can edit your data.

Another great feature of the new Quickbooks 2018 Google Sheets integration is its ability to import data from third-party applications. By using this feature, you’ll never have to enter data twice! Google Sheets is a free Spreadsheet tool launched by Google in 2012. It’s a software-as-a-service application that allows multiple users to edit the same sheet.

If you use both Sympla and QuickBooks Online, you’ll have an easy-to-use integrated accounting solution. You can manage your employees and customers’ information, bank and credit card accounts, and inventory, all in one place. You’ll also be able to collaborate with Google Sheets and create and export reports. This way, you’ll be able to access important data and make informed decisions.

Besides the Google Sheets integration, Quickbooks 2018 has several other useful features as well. For example, you can add your QuickBooks template to the Octoboard business performance dashboard, which collects data from various data services and groups them for you. You can also customize your dashboard with different metrics, including top customers, revenue, and expenses.

You can also use Coefficient to connect to QuickBooks and get data from it. It will appear as a sidebar in Google Sheets. After you’ve connected to your account, you can select the QuickBooks reports, filters, and fields you want to import. You can also name the spreadsheet when importing it to Google Sheets.

Batch transactions

The batch transactions feature allows you to add multiple lines to a transaction for a single customer. To create batch transactions, first create a spreadsheet by categorizing the columns in the spreadsheet. Then, right-click the first row to copy and paste the data into QuickBooks. Once you’ve copied and pasted the information into QuickBooks, you can save the batch transaction and change the columns if you want.

You can also use batch transactions to enter bills, estimates, and POs. These new features improve efficiency by allowing you to complete multiple transactions at once. Batch transactions also support the ability to copy and paste transactions from Excel or Google Docs. In addition, batch invoices can include online payments.

QuickBooks 2018 has several new features to make your job easier. Users can now assign To Dos to multiple QuickBooks users and filter them by user. They can also log completed To Dos. Another new feature is the Calendar View. Now, you can assign a date and time for each transaction. You can also assign a customer or vendor name to a particular transaction. You can also customize reports with custom fields. Moreover, you can create reports that include filtered columns.

Batch transactions allow you to perform a variety of functions with only one click. In addition, you can now export transactions to Excel or Word. Moreover, batch transactions now allow you to enter a reorder point. If you want to change a quantity, you can easily select the appropriate vendor and quantity. You can even select a preferred vendor when creating a batch transaction.

Batch transactions are very useful for small businesses. They help you to keep track of invoices and bills. Moreover, they help to organize inventory. Using this feature will save you a lot of time. You can even create custom columns if you want. Just make sure you map all the lines before adding them to a transaction.

With batch transactions, you no longer have to manually enter a transaction when you want to use QuickBooks. The batch transactions feature helps you to save time by eliminating the need to copy and paste a thousand transactions. Batch transactions also help you to hide transactions that are linked to other transactions. This feature is also useful for preventing users from deleting a transaction that is linked to another transaction.

Customization of reports

The first step in customizing reports in QuickBooks 2018 is to select the option “Customize.” This option allows you to edit the report’s text and labeling. You can also add additional data or customize the formatting of the report. You can also add custom headers and footers. You can also add notes or other data points to the report.

You can share your customized report structure with others through QuickBooks Online. You can also save a copy of a report to share with other users. The saved version of your report is indented beneath the name of the report group. You can expand or collapse the list of the reports that make up the group.

Another important step in customizing reports in QuickBooks is to change the style of the report. This means that you can change the font or writing style, or even make a comment box. Just make sure to click “Yes” to apply the changes. Another helpful option is to change the header/footer area and the layout.

Another option for customizing reports in QuickBooks is to share the settings. You can share the customized report settings with others by clicking the “Share Template” button. To share your customized report template with other users, you need to choose a name for the template, a description for the template, and an email address. You can also choose whether or not to share the report template anonymously.

You can customize reports in QuickBooks by month or year. The profits and losses report is one example. You can choose to display them in the same way you used to, or customize them to suit your needs. There are a number of other reports that you can customize, and each of them has different features.

You can also choose to export the report template. After exporting the report template, you can attach it to an email or copy it to a removable storage device. This way, you can share it with other data files. However, you should take note of certain limitations when creating a report template. For instance, if you need to filter for specific data, you should memorize the report first before exporting it.

Email security

Quickbooks 2018 has a lot of new features, including improved email security and two-step verification. This new feature helps you keep your data secure and prevent unauthorized access. Email security in QuickBooks starts with signing into your Intuit ID account. Then you no longer have to enter a webmail password to send an email. The new version of QuickBooks also lets you use multiple Intuit Account IDs.

The new version of QuickBooks is also compatible with Mac and PC versions. You will need a 4X DVD-ROM drive or Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit) to run the software. Before you start using the new version, you should back up your existing company file. This will ensure that your data remains secure during the conversion process. Additionally, QuickBooks will check the integrity of your data files and create a backup before upgrading your software.

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 is also equipped with built-in security features. The program is able to encrypt PII and email messages. This means that no one can access your data if someone intercepts your email or steals your password. Another great feature is the ability to stay logged in for a specified period of time.

In addition to security, QuickBooks has improved its email system. It can send a portable copy of your company file to your accountant. In addition, you can also choose which details are visible to your accountant. Another new feature is the ability to see the total number of billable entries in the company file.

As with any software, it is important to protect your system from viruses, malware, and other security threats. You should install a good antivirus program and use strong passwords. You should also make sure that your computer is updated regularly. You can set up automatic updates or initiate them manually. These updates will install new features and fix bugs.

Another feature in QuickBooks 2018 is the ability to add a “Past Due” stamp to invoices. Unfortunately, many business owners have to deal with late clients. Traditionally, they have manually added this information to invoices. The new stamp adds a professional appearance to the invoice and reduces the amount of time it takes to add the information.

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