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Whether you’re a Netflix subscriber, YouTube fan, or Spotify listener, you’ve probably heard about the Tiktok Like feature. It allows you to quickly share funny moments you see on other people’s videos. But you may not know what it’s all about, or how to use it.


Despite having been around for a while, Netflix has never really had a leg up in the mobile device space. It is mainly focused on the TV screen, and has made forays into podcasts, games, and other niche areas. Now, the popular streaming service is testing a Tiktoklike video feed on its iOS app.

While the feature isn’t available to all users, it will be interesting to see if the kinks are ironed out. The new feature looks like a pared-down TikTok-style music feed, where a video representing a song is shown in full-screen mode. In addition to the video, Spotify will display some of the song’s other accouterments, such as the album’s cover art. A three-dot menu will allow users to give Likes and skip or not skip through videos.

The new feature isn’t the only TikTok-like feature in the works at Netflix. Last month, the streaming service introduced a TikTok-like comedy feed, as well as a vertical video feed that displays comedy content. The vertical feature is one of the many experiments the company is conducting to bring its library of TV and movie content to mobile devices.

The company also introduced a TikTok-like discovery feature, a bit more elusive than the video feed, but still a welcome addition to the growing library of content. The discovery feature is the icing on the cake, as it gives users something to do while they wait for their next show to start. The feature also provides a quick summary of what’s in their library, and offers tools to help save a program to a watch list. The company is also experimenting with the new feature, and may come up with a nifty new way to show users what’s in store for them next.

It’s no secret that Spotify has been on the hunt for a good content discovery format, and this is an important step towards providing users with what they want, when they want it. This could mean more music, more video, and more features to help them find what they’re looking for. The company has been looking to the popular social media formats to engage its users, and a TikTok-like video feed could be the ticket. Hopefully, the feature isn’t too far off in the future.

The TikTok-like video feed is one of two new features currently under test at Netflix, and the company isn’t the only one experimenting with the vertical video feed. The app has been testing a TikTok-like story feature, as well, and the company has been looking for the best way to display content on its mobile platform. It’s too early to tell if the new feature will make it to a wider audience, but it looks like Spotify is on the right track when it comes to finding new content to entertain its users.


Earlier this year, Spotify started testing the “Stories” feature. This is a Snapchat-like feature that lets influencers introduce playlists or other content. The feature was never released to the public, though. However, a beta build of the Spotify iOS app does include a “Discover” feature.

This new feature is a video feed, which includes snippets of songs. It’s a little similar to TikTok’s stories feature. However, unlike TikTok, Spotify has yet to announce a release date for its feature. The feature will appear in the navigation bar between the home and search icons. The Discover feature will feature music videos that can be swiped up and down to skip through. Users can also like or skip videos by clicking the heart icon. Eventually, artists may even post official dances via the Discover feature.

In addition to the Stories feature, Spotify has also been testing a Tiktoklike video feed. In this feature, artists can post videos to go along with their songs. The videos can be short or full length, but they’re likely to be the same format as the songs. Currently, these videos appear in a vertical scrolling format, but that may change. In the meantime, some users are liking the format and others aren’t.

Spotify’s new Discover feature is not the only app testing a Tiktok-style video feed. Netflix has also started testing a similar feature. Netflix also has a “Fast Laughs” feature, which provides short comedy clips that users can watch. Netflix is also testing a “Kids Clips” feature, which displays content from kid’s shows. Netflix also has a tool for saving programs to watch list. The company has also launched podcasts and games.

TikTok’s short-video format has been a hit with users, so it’s no wonder Spotify is copying it. In fact, many top social platforms have adopted the Tiktok format, including Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Spotify also has a Canvas feature, which lets artists create videos to go along with their songs. While the feature has received mixed reviews, it has helped drive engagement metrics.

Spotify’s video-based Discover feature looks to be a helpful way to find new music. It’s possible that Spotify is looking to compete with Apple Music, which doesn’t offer a video feed feature. However, the feature could eventually be available to all users, which means it could compete with other video-based music services.

The “Discover” feature is currently only in the testing phase, but it’s a promising new feature that looks like it could be a great way to find new music. Spotify’s long-term plan is unclear, but it’s likely to continue to experiment with video content. The company could eventually offer full-length videos like its competitors, but that’s not likely anytime soon.

As with any new feature, there are likely going to be some hiccups. Spotify’s spokesperson has declined to comment on the feature’s release date, but it looks like the company is taking steps to make its feature more user-friendly.

Fast Laughs feature

Previously, Fast Laughs was only available to iOS users, but the feature is now available to Android users in select regions. The Fast Laughs feature will allow users to browse through a stream of short clips, which are designed to make you laugh. The feature is similar to TikTok, which has become a huge hit with users and has become a competitor to other social media platforms.

While TikTok has been gaining popularity as a way to make and share short video clips, Netflix decided to give users the same experience through its Fast Laughs feature. The feature offers a variety of funny snippets from television shows and other popular media. You can share these clips on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also add the clips to your Netflix watch list.

The Fast Laughs feature is similar to other mobile apps that have launched recently, including TikTok and Quibi. While Netflix doesn’t have a release date for Fast Laughs on TV, the company plans to start testing the feature on Android devices in the coming months. The Fast Laughs feature will feature a feed of comedic clips, showcasing 30-second, 15-second, and short clips from Netflix’s library. These clips can be viewed in full-screen vertical format and are arranged into a feed. The feature also features a “LOL” button, which launches confetti of laughing emojis.

The clips that are featured are taken from Netflix’s library of comedy specials and comedy films. In the future, Netflix plans to add stand-up specials to its feed. You can also add specific titles to your watch list through the Fast Laughs feature. You can also share clips to other social media platforms.

Netflix also launched a feature, called Play Something, that lets users skip through personalized content suggestions. Similar to TikTok’s shuffle play feature, users can now scroll through a list of short clips and choose one to play. The Play Something feature will be accessible through a new button on the home screen. The button is located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

While Netflix’s Fast Laughs feature isn’t quite as innovative as TikTok, the feature is a step in the right direction. Netflix’s director of product innovation, Chris O’Brien, said the company is always looking for new ways to entertain users. In addition to allowing users to enjoy shorter clips, Fast Laughs also has an option to filter content based on content maturity levels. This means users can filter the clips they see based on whether they are appropriate for a young audience or not.

The Fast Laughs feature is available for iOS users in select English-speaking regions, and will soon be available to Android users. The company plans to test the feature on Android devices later this year.

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